Who we are

Carsten Faerge, CEO

Experienced CEO from automotive industry, retail & wholesale, building component manufacturing, consulting and project assignments for a number of companies. 15 years on Board of Directors/Chairman for various companies – elected Member of Board of Directors at MedicoTrust in September 2017.

Independant financial adviser and founder of Kapitalborsen since 2009.

Carsten Faerge lived for 7 years in Sweden, Norway and Belgium working for the US Automakers Ford and Chrysler. In various positions Carsten Faerge has gained experience from trading wiith China, Korea, Mexico and most markets in Europe – hence achieved extensive international business and leisure travel activities – including travelling in the US since 1976.


Phone +45 2164 7612

Joo Runge

Director & Head of Investor Relations

Joo Runge’s background is M&A lawyer and has more than 10 years experience with buying and selling companies including financing, debt and fundraising for Danish and international clients. Joo Runge is responsible for building relations with international investors and networks and will also assist presenting Scandinavian cases from the office in Copenhagen.


Phone: +45 2056 1216

Mette Simons

Executive Assistant – Copenhagen

Mette Simons is our researcher and help prepare documents etc. for cases we screen. Companies seeking capital re kindly requested to send a company brief and short presentation. Our office will contact you to set up an initial appointment to review your business plan and capital requirement.


Phone: +45 7060 6028

Meeting facilities

We offer our clients the unique opportunity to visit New York to prepare and discuss strategies to land capital. A visit to New York can help motivate business owners and the city itself provides energy and great experiences that will help elevate the content and pitch for international investors .Contact us for further information.


Phone: (646) 556-6635